Camera Rig Rail Visual Feedback for Twisting in X axis

We’ve been using UE4 to help visualize roller coaster layouts for a large development in China. We’re using the Camera Rig Rail to lay out the track to match what has been created in No Limits. The Camera Rig Rail does a good job of letting us see the track, and it will bend if we rotate in the Y or Z axis. But it will not twist if we try to rotate in the X axis.

Since roller coasters typically bank/roll as they turn, it’s important to be able to visualize this in the track. Currently the only way we can do this is to add the track to Sequencer and assign a “Current Position Along Rail” track, move along the timeline and watch the orientation of the rig rail platform, which does actually update when you adjust the X rotation of the Rig Rail. But this is really cumbersome.

I’m requesting that the actual rig rail be updated to include rotation around the X-axis so that it provides a more true-to-life visualization of the camera path.

Thanks for your consideration!

Steve Warner
Senior Attractions Designer
Dynamic Attractions