Camera Question in regards to a flight simulation.

I am working on a FPS style flying game or sim . I setup camera to look around. The problem is it doesn’t follow the path of the main static mesh. For instance If I pitch or roll the camera stays facing it’s current direction rather than move according to the mesh’s new facing. I want the camera to only look when I tell it to whether via mouse or controllers right stick axis. Otherwise when I pull back on the mesh the camera follows the mesh’s direction like it normally would. So my question after that long winded and hopefully not confusing explanation is. Do I use Rotation to fix this or am I just hosed. If a video needs to be made I can post one real quick. If somebody knows a great youtube link that deals with flight sims and UE4 that would be awesome.

Nevermind figured it out. Just as simple as setting it up like my flight controls.