Camera/Player Flip

Hello Forums, i’m am currently having issues trying to rotate the player capsule, 180 degrees in both the roll and pitch smoothly for a prone camera flip. I am having issues in how to do this via blueprint. Any Help?

Its something similar to MGS prone flip if that helps? :L

Where exactly is the problem? I am spawning objects with a random roll, pitch and yaw. For physics objects try to use ADD Actor Local Rotation with a Make Rot node. Triggered by a Event Tick (dont forget delta time if needed). For none physic items i use “set world rotation” also with a “Make Rot” node.

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Sorry for the late response, have been playing with what you’ve said but ive got another event tick that is updating for when i want my other camera rotation.
This is my first camera rotation which i think is causing issues with my player capsule rotate (i tried using booleans to supress this but now luck)

And here is what I’ve tried doing when the player is prone and uses melee. The camera seems to go mental going back n forth from the two seemingly collising pieces of blueprint code.

Any Ideas? :S

before suggestions, Its not included in this bottom pic but i had tried inputting relative rotation from the capsule component into the current RInterp To Node before

It’s just a basic prone flip if that’s helps?