[Camera] Moving the camera with mouse location

Hi all,

I would like to allow the player to move the camera as he puts the mouse on the edges of the screen, like in Age of Empires or League of Legends, but I’m succesless.

For now I have made a controllable and visible cursor, but I am currently stuck.

If i was in your situation i would give a try with umg and a border.
If you don’t have a hud set, do the one from umg quick start guide : UMG UI Designer Quick Start Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation
From it, add border like in : Styling | Unreal Engine Documentation
Then in graph, on over event set a bool “moving”, branch with moving as condition : delay / camera offset back to branch.
on end over set “moving” false. You’ll have to check more about borders but his is the global idea.

Thanks. I have found and I am following the great step by step tutorial of Voxagon:

Now my problem is that I need Select to index the output of the GetLocationsForEdges macro, but for some reason the Select’s Index don’t applies the ForLoop

Noob error, shame on me. The solution is:

Right click + Add option Pin.