Camera movemnt

How to create camera movement like in video?

Tried to find project but there is none.

And how about those power ups. How did he changed how projectiles shoot?

hi @Iscreamdeye
you can find a pretty simple start in
unreal templates for games- twin stick

The power ups:
you need some basic knowledge of actors-collisions-casting-events
Basically you can see in the video that the custom event “Overlap” collide with the harmful thing, he try “to cast to playership” to change his life,
the cast to , mean that if the thing that overlap is the playership , do something, otherwise he dont.

Change Fire:
like anything else you can make decision based on values,
so for example you can have an event to shoot bullet based on variable power.
every time you get some powerup, you increase this value.
so that if power is 1 - spawn bullet 1
if power is 2- spawn bullet 2

Thank you very much for replay.
I know a lot about unreal engine overall i have made 3 simple games and making my 4th. But there is still a lot for me to learn as you can see.
What i want for my game is that camera movement. I know camera is attached to pawn but i dont understand how it moves like in video. Is it something to do with vector lerp?

About power ups. I created my self those power ups it was easy, but i think i did it the wrong way for projectile spawn points. I created for each projectile its own spawn point and rotation i ended up with Huge BP web. I was thinking is there much simpler way to spawn those projectiles.

for the camera:
think to the player ship in the center of the world, 0 ,0,0 and when is max left is -100,0,0
i would set the camera location to lerp between his location and shiplocation x 0.5 ( -50,0,0)
So that the camera will follow half of the way the ship.

Projectile :
I would say that you should make some arrays of variables, or structures, and use just 1 row of nodes.
For example,
Spawn bullet (arrayoftype)-Number4 , in transform (array of transofrm)-Number4
And you just set all the type and trasform in the arrays.
So that your blueprint use just 1 row of nodes that refer to variables that you set up away