Camera looking wrong way

I have only been using UE4 for a week or so, and most of it has been going fine.I have mostly been following tutorials by a guy called Virtus, trying to make a simple FPS, based on the third person setup (ultimately I want to flip between the two)…

Using the default mesh/skeleton and the animations in the starter set, this works fine. However, using a proper mesh, the camera points the wrong way. The mesh is a SWAT guy, downloaded from Virtus site, but I think from Mixamo originally. The animations look fine in the preview.

Obviously there are camera setting that determine the rotation, and that moves the camera in the viewport as you wouldexpect. However, when I go in game, the setting are ignore. Whatever they are set to, when I start the game, the game is pointing over the guy’s left shoulder (pressing W makes the camera go forward as you would expect, but the guys feet are going sideways).

I had a play around with changing the orientation during play (like flipping from 1st to 3rd), in case there was something overriding the setting at game start, and I got the camera placement to change, but the rotation was still stuck looking left (as an aside, there are two functions here, setting the position relative or absolute - do these refer to the world coords, the object the camera is attached to or the current camera position?).

I am using 4.19 on Win10 by the way.