Camera lag is jittery in a multiplayer game

Hey everyone,

I have a vehicle in the world with a spring arm and a camera attached. I have a custom movement component that replicates over the network and interpolates client side for a smooth result. The problem occurs when I turn on camera lag on the spring arm component.

When I play the game in stand-alone mode, the lag is completely smooth. However, when I play as a client, the camera lag is very jittery. The movement of the vehicle is completely smooth, however. I’m getting the feeling that the camera lag is calculated server-side and then the camera, or the spring arm, has its new location replicated to the client. I would assume that the camera lag effect would be a completely client-side affair however.

While the vehicle actor replicates, the spring arm component and the camera component do not replicate themselves. What’s going on here? How can I have smooth camera lag when connected as a client as well?

Many thanks!