Camera ignore collision and falling down in object

I have Pawn. Structure of Pawn is next:
Highlighted in red springarm is rotating around mesh(in my case around car). Mesh has collision. Car stay at floor(has collision too).

I tried different methods:

  1. Springarm DoCollisionTest is ON. Camera do not passes throug floor but ignore collision of mesh and falls in car.
  2. Springarm DoCollisionTest is OFF. Added to springarm child(or child of camera has no different) sphere collision.
    Camera passes throug floor and mesh.

All collision propeties is Block All.

I think its must be very easy! Something about set flag. But i cant find how to do this) Some one help me)))

Make sure none of your components other than the Static Mesh your following is Simulating Physics.

This could cause your camera to fall through the ground.

This is physical properties of all type of components. Properties of all components is same. May be i am incorrectly expressed. Body of my car dont stop camera and camera going inside car.

I’m adding statickmesh to statickmesh component in game.

Up! Still actual.