Camera Get World Rotation is different when running on server

I try to make my first simple FPS project and right now I’m implementing different guns. I’ve created a parent gun class in which I get parent actor values and spawn projectiles.
I noticed that when I get the camera rotation on the server, it goes to a maximum of 53 degrees and a minimum of 3. The camera itself is moving fine but that results in projectiles spawning on a wrong vector. I tried to set the variables locally before getting them on a server but to no success and that seems like a bad workaround.
Please, help me understand what the issue is.

So I got the answer myself.
Like many others, I used the default FPS template and added some things there. The problem is that the camera uses a player controller rotation that is not replicated to the server. Because of that, the camera rotation on the client is a controller rotation, and for the server it’s just the camera rotation. My character only turns his head 53 degrees up, that’ where the number comes from.
To solve it I used Base Aim Rotation for the server to get the pitch and it worked. Not sure if the implementation is perfect but you can see the result on the screenshots.