Camera for each controller (PIE)

Hi folks,

Having a bit of a stinker with getting a camera for each player in PIE.

PIE settings - 3 Players, Not a dedicated server.

The server seems to set up a camera just fine, but the clients do not.

Here’s the controller setup - I’m creating the camera within each instance of my game controller and setting the view target.

Here’s the camera (for now) - I’ve tried moving the viewtarget into the camera, no difference.

The camera works fine and accepts the basic inputs I’ve given it so far.

I have some feedback text that tells me by client what feedback is accepted and that’s within the camera, so I know I’m spawning multiple cameras. I also know that each client camera is communicating.

Each player controller also has it’s own HUD. I know this too is unique, as every client has it’s own set of cards and that’s derived from each clients player controller.

So Each client has it’s own deck of playing cards, each client also seems to have a camera actor that knows when it’s taking input, Just underneath the title Current player is the mouse X position for that particular client, moving the mouse in another active window only affects that client window’s mouse X value, I know I’m getting unique data per client all derived from player controller 0.

I can’t seem to fathom why the camera will only work on the server and not on the clients? I don’t want to further develop the camera until I know that it’s unique to the client and won’t interfere with other players cameras.

Is this just something to do with me running it PIE? I’m not entirely sure of this, as by that logic, none of my card decks would be unique, my Mouse X would be the same in every window.

I am utterly stumped.

Anyone shine a light on this?

SOLVED: I did not possess the cameras after spawning them. Idiot. :slight_smile: