Camera Features | Child Object & Viewport Lock

Hey everybody,

I am trying to do 2 things with a camera actor in Unreal and can’t figure it out:

1- Locking the camera preview:
When I click the camera actor, I am seeing the preview render in a small window, but if I click another object, that preview is gone.
I would love to keep it there so I can work on the composition in the scene properly.

2- Linking a plane to the camera:
I placed a plane object directly in front of the camera that acts as a pixelmap of sorts, showing me the framing where the render will be placed later on.
I want to have that plane linked to the camera, so when I move the camera, the plane moves accordingly…however I am not able to drag the plane as a child object to the camera.

Anybody knows how to make those happen?

Thanks in advance!


Preview camera window - If you likethe camera view and want an addtional view the best way is to go to the Down arrow (upper left in Viewport window) → Layouts → Two Panes.
The go to Perspective button at top left in a viewport and selectthe camera view you want.

Attaching object or plane to Camera - Objects are typically static so select the object/plane in viewport, go to details and click on Movable. Now you cna drag it under Camera inWorl Outliner.

Check any error or prevention messages when you try to do something

Hey Scott

Thank you so much! you helped me a lot,

Have a great evening :slight_smile: