Camera Distortion Issue On Posses

Hey all. Im currently working on the respawning system for my game and ran into a very weird issue. After I spawn the new character and have my player controller posses the new character, the camera gets all distorted. Whats the cause of this and how to I correct it? Pictures below.

Is your character in free falling mode when moving around?, the walking animations don’t see to be set up yet.
And that’s not normal for your character to be all squashed up like that. What does he look like when not in the game mode?
Does his mesh appear to be normal size in the editor?

Nope, everything about my character works normally and fine untill I fire my respawning and repossesing.

Ok so you spawned the player in the game but hes all squashed up thin, I think that’s might be occuring because I can’t
see any world location node in your spawner code so how is the spawner going to know where in the world to spawn in your
pawn if there’s no world location to spawn to. But because its got a get Actor Transform node in the spawner location,
it might be finding the player’s location but also at the same time altering the properties of the player’s scaling and rotation
values of your mesh which might explain that strange distortion.

Haha, right when you mentioned the transform scale I facepalmed and knew thats what it probably was. I did change it to only pass through the location and rotation and it worked properly. Thankyou very much!