Camera constantly drifts right in viewport 1

I’m brand new to Unreal Engine 4 and just trying to learn it, on a Windows 8.1 machine. I started my first project (Basic C++ project) and as soon as the project opens to the scene with the two chairs and a table, the camera starts strafing right and doesn’t stop. Anyone know what might cause this? I unplugged my keyboard to see if it was some key that had been stuck but that didn’t work. I also tried starting a new project and just restarting the engine.

A few details:

  • It only happens in Viewport 1 in Perspective mode
  • The speed changes as I change the camera speed
  • If I click to open a menu, the camera stops moving while the menu is expanded

I feel really dumb for not even being able to get started before getting stuck but I don’t even know enough about the engine to try and troubleshoot. Thanks for your help.

This might sound silly but this same thing happened to me. I had a wired controller plugged into my PC and it was upside down on the floor so the stick was always moved to the right. It caused this exact same problem. How silly of me haha. Do you have any external peripherals plugged in bar your keyboard and mouse that would provoke this behavior?

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Wow, my 360 controller was sitting upside down on my desk. All better now. Thanks for your help!

Hah! No worries!

Same thing, haha. The moment I touched my controller the camera stopped drifting. Never thought you can navigate in viewport with xbox360 gamepad. Thanks!)

Haha add me to the list, my camera was tilting upwards tough, :slight_smile:

That’s uncanny lol, I just realized I had my controller connected and sure enough that was the issue.

Same issue , same solution. Mine was right-side up, but one of the sticks had gotten stuck just slightly off-center, so be sure to double-check that they’re centered before assuming that isn’t the issue.

My viewport camera kept going up. All I had to do was close the “DS4Windows” program from the systray.

A few hours ago I quit a game and then I manually disconnected my DualShock 4 controller (with the official wireless adapter), by holding down the PS button for 10 seconds. That program emulates a Xbox 360 controller, but apparently shutting down the controller wasn’t good enough. For a good 10 minutes or so, I had no idea what was going on. I restarted UE4 twice. lol

Same , the last thing i could ever think about haha x(