Camera component won't mount correctly. Moves unintentionally.

Ok so I’m in the blueprint view port for a vehicle I modelled in blender, then rigged in Maya, and exported to ue4.

Now when I add a camera component to the vehicle, spring arm or not, and hit simulate OR play it immediate simulates and my camera will rotate 90° to the right and jump to the side leaving it totally not where I placed it and unusable. I’ve tried everything to get this to work correctly and I think my model might be causing it. But no matter what I do the camera rotates and shifts. Any ideas??

Hello Halocomander1,

I’ve seen this type of issue before and previously it was caused by the export process from Maya. Did you export it with the vehicle facing along the correct axis? X should be forward and Z should be up.

I believe so Ya but when I click on my vehicle mesh it does say that the x rotation has been rotated 90° to look correct in Maya. Seemingly the same rotation that my camera is inheriting in ue4.

I’m not familiar with 3D Modeling software myself so I’ll have to look into it, but would it be possible to reset the bones to be X forward without that 90° rotation offset? I’ll try to look for the previous question that I had this issue in but it may take some time as it was few months ago.

Hello Halocommander1,

I looked up the terminology and the old question that I answered. The fix previously was to take the asset back into Maya, reset the rotation back to 0°, detach the skin, make your rotation, and then reskin the asset. This should allow you to get the X Forward you need without having that rotation value imported.

Thanks I ended up doing that but back in blender where i modeled it . Set the transform and rotation, done. Thank you again. if perhaps you could possibly help me on my other two threads about vehicle body collision and vehicle Phat issue id greatly appreciate it