Camera Animation

Hello all,

I am currently working on my final year extended project and I am trying to create an animation where a camera has a still 10 seconds viewing my earth model which I created however as many times as I make the animation when I go to play it back the camera seems to move upwards every time and I don’t know why. I created two keys (the first start key and the last) when I play it in the matinee and see the camera in perspective (bottom right corner) it works perfectly but when I play back in the engine the camera moves and don’t know why.

Regarding the blueprints I followed a tutorial on YouTube which showed how to make a basic animation however my camera seems to move upwards when I push play and it shouldn’t as I set the keys to stay still.

Please can someone help me with my issue as I have tried making the animation about a hundred times and still get the same issue.