camera Animation - Help me please.

hi guys
Please help me.
I want to create an animation where the camera’ll be atachada the moving object.

How do I create a camera animation (virtual tour type), where an object (can be a box), is animated and the camera is linked in it. (Atachada)

I could animate the camera in Matinee, (only the camera) - but when I put the oculus rift and the animation is lost rolls turning 180 degrees oculus.

You move your head sideways and the animation is stop (can not get the view oculus rift).

Its link this camera in any object that is excited? I want the animation role alone without control by keyboard or joystick.

Type the animated object leads to animation and I just keep enjoying through the oculus rift.

Example is this video: Iceland and UE4 Coaster

You guys could show me how to create the animated camera step by step.

The animation rolls alone without having to control with the keyboard.

nobody knows ???