Camera and smooth animation

I did post this in the animation location but no one replied and gave any source of feed back so I may have been on the wrong discussion page.

Hi there I am new to Unreal Engine and have been doing mostly tutorials to get the hang of how things work. I now want to create a movement system that will have a camera that is free floating the around the character. Best example and inspiration is from the Dark Souls series. I am stuck on the animations right now. I am more of a programmer then a animator so I took assets from a free use website so I can mess with it (Mixamo). Using the defualt Beta_Skeleton as my avitar I grabbed some animations that would work with my idea for what I want.

I was looking at the blend space 1d and had used it plenty of times. But now I want to have more diversity and went for using the 2d blend space. But I cant make this 2d version work with what I want. Right now I just want the player to move depending on the direction of the camera, and be able to quickly turn around with animation. But I look for tutorials on the subject and its all over the shoulder perspectives with strafe and other mechanics that are not needed for my project. So i am going in with little experience and unable to fully grasp the system.

My question is what is the benefits of using the 2d blend space with my project? Should I just use the 1d and call it good until I run into an issue? Options?

Here is an example of a tutorial for unity. Is there something like this that I can learn more for unreal?

Right now I was able to get the character and camera colision to work fine. But I am still having to find out how to do:

-Locking that camera on a target
-I would like the camera to act more like dark souls were the camera will drag behind the player (Not really interested in making the camera like the Mario and Zelda game)
-Following behind the character when locked on to a target
-The character slightly moon walks when running I am assuming that I just need to change the speed of movement
-Character does not turn fast enough and looks janky when trying to turn in a tight circle.
-180 Degree animation when going quickly from sprinting one way and transitioning to going the other way very quickly