Camera Adjustments for 3d Side Scroller

so im working on a 3d side scroller and i have some objects in for foreground but when the character passes by them the camera goes in front of the object getting really close to the player does anyone know how i can fix this.

I’m quite sure you would be using a spring arm on your camera like the sidescroller template and the issue is it is detecting collision from the foreground meshes and moving the camera in front of that object.

So what I did is on the camera setup under SpringArm is set the Probe Channel for the Camera Collision to something I wouldn’t be needing, Vehicle for example. then on all of our foreground meshes you will need to manually set their collisions up custom so at least Vehicle is set to “Ignore” or if this is foreground objects that have nothing to do but add visual aspects to the area you can set it to “NoCollision”

My case is I needed the foreground objects to actually move the camera closer to the player but only when I needed it so that’s why I used a channel so I could choose which objects did indeed block the camera or not. you could really just set the collision on the objects to “NoCollision” and that should fix it.

Hopefully that makes sense but if not maybe I could put up some pictures to better show this. :slight_smile: