CAMERA 360 System (Blueprints)

Hello, bloom has a bug? The seams appear in the sky. This is the effect of my opening the bloom function. Is there a way to improve it?

Hi , **gaoshuo **!

Try off post process

  1. vignetee -…69#post1598669
  2. bloom -…99#post1612799
  3. Try off Atmospheric fog or heigh fog in scene.
    This is a known error.

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Hey hey! Hope all is well! I am having an issue with a scene. One of the sides of the cube shows up way darker than the rest, and I’m not really sure what is making it do that. I am attaching a screengrab of it. Please help! Thank u

Thank you! It was the tiniest problem, managed to solve it!! Thank you!!!

Thank you very much , Enagudo!, I’m glad You did it.
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I have a problem. I am not sure if its the recording (plugin), my encode, or the oculus go limitations. But have you recorded anything with this plugin and played it on the Oculus go? No matter what I try, wether that is 4k and 60 FPS, or 4K and 30 FPS, 8K converted to 4K, or anything really, the video is either blurry or really choppy when the camera moves, or a mesh moves in front of the camera. I swear I have tried for nearly 4 days… I tried both AA filters too. I am running out of ideas. Even if I saw a good example that worked in the Oculus GO i would be more concerned I have a setting wrong, or is it just a limitation of the Oculus GO. Too many variables.


Hi, **Fenixfan08! **
Sorry I don’t have Oculus Go to check. But I check all videos on HTC Vive.
Can you send the result of your video?
Have you tried changing the antialiasing mode?

To increase the clarity of the video, you need to change the render target ttexture 2048 -> to a larger one, for example 4096 px

Have you watched YouTube videos with oculus go youtube application?

**News 09/30/2019. **

Added tutorial for Camera2D. Stereo mode (Field of View)

In a future update, I’ll add a change so You don’t have to write code manually.

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1.If a render is applied to camera_2d after applying the depth of field,
It’s only applied to the right side.
Can it be solved?

I want Motionblur and DOF rendered in the scene.

2.2. In scenes with media texture,
30 frames, and then render.
Time passes quickly.

Can you render media texture to 30 frames?

Hi, **yhsgoon! **

I am publishing a solution that helped in solving Your question.

I added a tutorial for the field of view.

1 Question: The depth of field post process changes in the scene.Or added a post-process to the sequencer. This solution for camera 2D actor (stereo mode).

Motion blur is unfortunately not supported.

2 Question. You need look this solution
Using media texture for rendering.

I am just posting a positive review for anyone that is doing some research on this plugin. I have to say ElizzaRF was amazing helping me dial in some settings for my project. Super fast support with amazing answers to my questions. I had to transfer my project from a rift VR project that was interactive, to being able to produce a 360 video for youtube for the Oculus go and this plugin was the golden ticket. I had a few issues with maintaining quality at first. But with ElizzaRF amazing and fast customer support. We got everything resolved and flowing smoothly. Thanks again and I recommend this product to anyone and everyone!!

Thank you very much for your feedback! Thanks a lot!)

I will always try to improve the product as much as possible so that you always have the opportunity to make quality 360 videos.

Tutorials in one place. Playlist youtube:

how to export 360 video.
i tryed turorial(tutorial 360 sequencer quick setup)
but, all exporting png images are distorted like this.

I used gtx 1060 g6

Good day, diak345!
Tell us more, what is your problem?

I have another lesson on setting up the Sequencer.
Sequencer no animation -


Sequencer + Animation -

I don’t quite understand. I see that the picture is very dark, you need to configure Post Process - > Exposure.

Very strange, the posts on the forum do not always appear on time. I saw Your message just now.

Can you send a sample project to my email?
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You can write me an email [EMAIL=“”] ?

**News 10/28/2019. Release Update 1.13 fix 4.

Please Exit Epic Launcher and Restart, and Update Camera 360.**

Now you can resize the texture size for rendering in one click. The option is experimental as textures are created dynamically. If you want to add focal length, or custom post process, range through the sequencer, You will not succeed and the option must be disabled and then you need to do the texture change manually, in the standard way .

I remind you that all my video examples use a texture size of 4096 px. This allows you to get a very high quality picture.

You can choose the size of the texture that suits you.

Hi ElizzaRF! I am wondering if the cross eye effect when turning the camera in a 360 3D Video has been fixed? I am currently using 360 Camera_Stereo, but as long I turn my head, the stereoscopy effect is lost.

Many thanks!

Hi, Jose I Rodriguez!

I hope I understand correctly.

You mean link forum theme. And
This is a known problem that many are trying to solve. Here is a more (link) detailed description of the problem of all 360 3D videos

I’m thinking about it, but there’s no solution yet.

Tell us, You have an example video that takes 3D into account when turning. This would be very useful for 3D experiments.

Hi! Yeah, yeah, thats the issue. So there is no solution yet? :frowning:

Using my tests, I found that video as it seems to be play more or less well with Stereo 360: (I downloaded it though to make my own experiements)
Hope that helps!

Thanks, I looked. This is very useful, there is something to think about. Honestly, I can’t say how they did it. I think there was work done with adobe premiere or some other video editor. If I can learn anything on the subject, I will write to you.