CAMERA 360 System (Blueprints)

Update is already available.You need to close Epic Launcher and update Camera 360!

**News 12/11/2019. **

I managed to automate the connection to the configured sequencer cameras.
This makes it easier for those who have configured the project with cameras in the sequencer.
Now I’ll check what errors may be fixes.

360 3D video Fight Scene using automatic attached camera 360 in sequencer

Hello ElizzaRF, I’m successfully calculating a long animation (18000 frame). After 2 days of calculation, Unreal crashed! How can I restart the animation from that point? I’m using the screen shot system and I would like to be able to restart the animation with a delay to avoid calculating everything. The clouds and other moving objects on stage, start their animation again if I move the green key frame in the sequencer. thank you very much

Good day, alb3360!
Yes, you are right sometimes the Unreal engine can fail. But there is a solution.

  1. Please Uncheck value ScrheenShotRec in actor Camera 360.
  2. Play your scene, and at the right time, press R button (Manual starting record).
    Do not forget to specify a new folder, otherwise you will overwrite the old files.

I used Post Process Materials,How to solve this , and I have set bloom=0 vignette intensity=0.

I used post process material and I had set Vignette off and Bloom off it`s still has this .How to solve this

Try this solution.…93#post1660593

  1. Vignette = 0
  2. Bloom = 0
  3. Atmospheric Fog - volumetric off;
  4. Heigh Fog off in scene


Please check if you have additional Post process on stage?
If you have the opportunity, can you send an example of your project by mail?

Hello, I need help about your product: I don’t manage to have a correct exposure on Camera_Rec_360. The picture is darker than what appears in the scene


You need to change the post processing settings in scene: Exposure or Camera ISO

Moderation keep my message hidden all this time so: I solved exposure’s problem by increase light’s candelas to 500 and attenuation radius to 10000. It’s not a big problem and I will investigate on “the post processing settings in scene: Exposure or Camera ISO”, like you said

After that, I have two problem:

  • there are distortion on top and bottom (see picture in attachment). I don’t know if that be solve on Unreal Engine. This is a problem I found also on the plugin PanoramaCaptureContent. But I tried another software: Lumion, within this problem doesn’t be. May there is a way to solve that on Unreal Engine ?

  • I want to export 8k picture (video frame by frame), so : 8196 x 3840 px. Now, I can export 7680 x 3840 px with your program. May is it possible to export 8k ?

Have a nice day

Hi, Jemstoo!

With the release of each unreal engine version, the brightness changes in different ways.
Starting from 4.22, 4.23, 4.24, the exposure setting is changed in Camera Iso. Be sure to specify a manual exposure mode.

**1.**Yes, there is a pixel distortion at the bottom and top, but this is not related to the operation of the panoramas of the plugin. I have a different approach and I plan to fix this in future updates.
As a solution, you can try to darken the area, put a logo under the camera, maybe use blur in this area.

  1. Yes, you can resize to a higher resolution.
    If you use the Sequencer Editor in Unreal Engine, then there are image limitations at 7680x7680 or 7680x3840.
    If you use the HighResShot system, you will not have a pixel limit.
    Please see video tutorial HighResShotSystem.
    Tutorial 1:
    Tutorial 2:

Do not forget to increase the size Render Target Texture - recomended 4096 px for best quality.

Description camera 360
Important/Additional Notes:
Sequencer Editor:7680x7680 px.
RenderTarget Texture: 2048, you can change the resolution of the render target Textures at higher resolutions (4096 and more).
HighResShot System- not limit px for sequence and screenshot. However, if you specify a very large size, the application may crash.This is enough for 4K, 8k video.

Hi. First of all, thank you for making a good system.

Everything else works. But there’s the biggest problem.

If I play in Oculusgo after pulling a video or image with a 3D stereo, the front is well worth three-dimensional, but the back screen is upside down and the screen is messy.

I think the camera’s location is causing the left and right images to flip over, so how do we deal with this?

Hello, John_1976!

Thanks for your feedback. With each update, I try to improve the 360 camera.

You mean paralax 360 stereo problem, when rotated head in helmet oculus go?
This is one of the problems I’m trying to work on. I have not yet found a solution to this problem.

Important/Additional Notes:
Some Post processing does not work, artifacts appear in the form of seams (Artifacts appear):
-AtmosphericFog:Volumetric Fog (seams);
-Exponential height fog: (artifacts in frames may be observed due to load);
-ScreenSpace Reflection.
-Stereo 360-when rotated, stereoscopy effect is lost, if rotated 180 degrees the image looks inverted.It seems the Left eye and right are swapped, as this is a recorded video.

Hello. So what about 180 stereo. Is it capturing correctly?

Hi, Z Production!

If you record 360 video in stereo mode, it will work, but when you look back, the stereo effect will be reversed, the eyes will change places. I am now thinking about how to fix it.
Look please video 360 stereo and head rotate back.

If you record 180 videos , in stereo mode, everything works


Thanks. I think will use it on my project.

I am always happy to help. Email me if you have any questions!

I didn’t find your email. One more question: can it save render passes from matine?


Camera 360 and Matinee supports (This is an old update).

but Custom Render Passes not working (example Render passes Specular, Depth and more).
Working Final Image.

Hi ElizzaRF, I have another question for you: During the calculated animation, I see the lines of the borders of the six faces that make up the image, can’t I delete them? In particular with objects near the camera I have problems: in the previous frames it works correctly, but then it doesn’t calculate the upper part … how can I solve it?

Have a nice day