Came here to make it official and say hello!

Hello everyone!

I have always wanted to make a game but never really had much enthusiasm for it. One day that all changed.

A while back, I read an announcement (maybe it was on PCG), that “starting today UE4 is now free to use.” I told myself that I should install it and maybe try and get my brother interested in it. If I can’t get a dream job making games then at least he should. He’s in that phase where he is just taking GE classes and has no passion for anything. So I leave it downloading (along with the Unreal Tournament) and go to uni. I come back after a couple of hours and do the usual. Then, suddenly, I realize that Unreal should be installed and completely functional. I get all giddy and launch it up and start playing around. Next thing I know I look at the clock and I’m a couple of hours in reading tutorials, researching related topics and crunching through the Epic “getting started” videos.

The enthusiasm I was lacking, I now received. I do not know what exactly awoke this spontaneous passion in me, but I am thankful.

I have almost zero programming knowledge, not an iota of how to actually make a game and no clue on where to start. I have been working with UE4 and this idea of mine the day UE4 came out (free). I just wanted to “make it official” (maybe that will also help keep my enthusiasm up) with this post and tell the world (who will hopefully be helping me in the future!) that I am working on what I think is a medium sized multiplayer RTS based on a game I spent my childhood on. My goal is to make the game, greenlight it and at least make a name for myself. I plan on making the majority of game by myself in addition to graduating with a degree in Public Health. Given how complicated multiplayer integration appears, I will probably try to find a partner to help, but that is still a long ways away.

Currently I am teaching myself by making a simple Point n’ Click game using

Wish me luck! And thank you for this great community!

Welcome! :smiley:

When you have any questions/problems, just post them into the forum/answerhub -> we are always here to help :slight_smile:


I certainly plan on benefiting from all the knowledge on the forums!

No worries…Unreal has this effect on many people. :wink:

Welcome Phantomr1! Best of luck with your game and your degree! =)

Haha, glad to know it’s not just me.

Thank you! I certainly need it for my game, haha.