Callstack from Cooked build

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Do you know if there’s a way to get a callstack from a crash when having a crash in a cooked build? right now I only get a message saying “Fatal Crash!”, but that’s pretty much of no use :smiley:


You can use the MinidumpDiagnostics tool:

MinidumpDiagnostics Path/To/Minidump.dmp

You get a Diagnostics.txt in the minidump directory containing the exception and call stack, a source code fragment highlighting the line that caused the crash and all modules that were loaded at the time. This does require PDBs of course, I’m not sure what (if any) info you get without PDBs.

The minidumps are usually found under GameName/Saved/Logs/<random string>.

That great info, thanks!

There is a command line parameter to get the full stack. I cant give it to you now but look for stacktrace in answet hub or answers with my profile name you found this.