Calling OnJumped event on C++ Character

How can i call this event, can anyone help me? I want to make a bool to check when the player is jumping or not, i know there are many ways to do it but currently i want to do it this way, but i dont know how to call that event.

Looking at the source code, it looks like OnJumped() is an implementable blueprint event called from ACharacter::CheckJumpInput(), which gives a blueprint user the possibility to implement some custom logic when the player starts to jump.

If you are working with blueprint then you can implement this event and set a bool variable in your character class.
In C++ you can override virtual method OnJumped_Implementation() and do the same.

But I can’t see why …

Thank u very much^^, can u help me with the event OnLanded, in the Doc of unreal engine 4, its not a virtual Func like onjumped Implement, so i cant make an override with it.

Opp, sorry, i got it, thank you!!

i cant include Paperflipbook.h outside of the C++ 2d template, can anyone know how to do it? If i include it, it will turn red and warn “cant open source file”.

Never used 2D in unreal, but I guess you have to include the module in build.cs file

EDIT: the module should be “Paper2D”
your build.cs file should look like this:

PublicDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string] { "Core", "CoreUObject", "Engine", "InputCore", **"Paper2D"**});

I dont know why, but i come to Plugin content 2d c++, then i click on the PaperFlipbook and create C++ derived…, after that i can include the paperflipbook.h :D, by the way, i want to spawn a character, but i dont know how to set the Source Sprite or Flipbook in C++. Normaly, i can create an editanywhere Property class Upaperflipbook*, then in the editor, i can chose the flipbook i want to use, but when spawn, i have to set it all in C++, and i cant figure it out how to do it. Can you help me ^^.

If I understood correctly you need to reference an asset in c++. Take a look here. Hope it’s what you were looking for

Thank you, thats exactly what i want !!!

Can someone tell me how to spawn a Blueprint Actor from mycharacter C++ class?