Calling numerous variables from a struct

Basically through a struct and a component I’m attempting to update variables within a player controller, while this setup is currently working, i ultimately have more variables that need to be called in the future. I know its a mess (believe me i intend to make it look pretty) but i’m updating multiple variables from a struct feeding it into a sequence and subsequently updating the controllers variables. I feel like this way of doing it will become very buggy in the long run and unreliable, the only other option i can think of is after breaking the struct… making it again and then feeding it into a separate function called in the player controller.

Basically a player picks up an item, feeds the struct on the component, stores it on a local variable, then updates the controller variable via a cast. Anyone have a suggestion for a much more reliable/ more streamlined fashion of performing this operation? Appreciation in advance!

Create Functions to get and set each of your structure members. Quit spaghetti coding.

One problem in Blueprint Structs is that they cannot contain functions while in C++ they can, so in your Blueprint you should create utility get/set functions to manipulate struct values independently.