Calling BP ActorClass from string name?

I need to call several BP_class based on string name, is there a way to do that without writing an insane long sequence of conditions?

hi @KhappaMJ
i am not sure what you mean by call?
you can make an array of names and than
search all actors in game and confront the names,
if the names match you can cast to it or anything else

another thing could be create an interface .

Not sure what’s the intended use for this, but I got this from the description:

So a Map of String | Actor Soft Class Reference

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Thanks more or less it is close to my case.
I’m thinking about this solution at the moment:

  • put all BP classes in an array of actor class (or even in a map as you’ve done)
  • then call them with an association

Yes, I see that using an array or map is the final solution :slight_smile: