Call the correct widgets on inventory clicks

Greetings everyone, i am fairly new to UE4 and i’ve been trying to do some really complex things for me and now am stuck… i could really use some help :slight_smile:
I’ve created an inventory system based on the UE4 tutorials on youtube and works great. Created a little “Inspection” script in the inventory HUD that simply creates a widget blueprint when the inspect button is clicked. That brings up an pre-selected image that acts as the “item inspection” or the “close up” i wanted to achieve.
Now i started adding more items to the game and in order to have lets say item 2 have an inspect, i need to manually change the Widget BP that is created when the Inspect button is clicked.

What i would live to achieve at this point is to be able to identity which item is clicked and once clicked the appropriate widget blueprint to be called to viewport.
The widget blueprints that handles the item “close up” are already created, so i just need to call the right ones on clicking their corresponding items in my inventory.

I hope this makes sense, my English are kinda meh. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated! Ty in advance.