Call Function from custom Player Character


I created a custom Player Character called SpaceShip and a custom Player Controller called SpaceShipController. My Movement firering logic is in the controller and all meshes etc are in the Character. I attached two 0 radius hidden sphere components where the projectile should spawn. And now I need the world location of this sphere component inside my player controller.

I added a function “get left fire” and “get right fire” to my PlayerCharacter “SpaceShip” and now I try to call that fuction inside my PlayerController. But that does not work because “GetPlayerCharacter” returns and object of class Character that can not be casted to SpaceShip_C.

How can I call my function?

Blueprints are great but the communication between actors and Controller, Character or pawn and the communication between those realy makes me headache :wink:

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That should work. Post pictures of your Blueprint EventGraphs.