Call event from another BP

All I want to do is call this event:


from my widget BP, like this:

What am I supposed to connect to the ‘Target’ pin? Why do I even need to connect anything?

You need to get a reference of your Dash Boots BP instance in order to call its event. The node shows that the target should be a Dash Boots BP, but it doesn’t know which one (since you could have multiple instances in the level).

You can get it with “Get All Actors of Class” for example. That would work if you only have one of that BP in the level, you would simply take the first element of the array.

You could also create a “Dash Boots BP” reference variable in your Player Character (or Player Controller). When you spawn the BP in the level, you use this variable to keep a reference to it. The Player Character is accessible everywhere with the “Get Player Character” node. Then you need to cast it to your custom class of Player Character. From that you can get the reference of your Dash Boots BP and call the event!

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

This helped a lot, thank you!