C4D Static mesh material shader recreation in UE4 , possible?


Did some research into why my textures did not work exporting a FBX to Unreal from C4D. What i learned was that FBX does not support third party shaders in its export leaving me with a blank material in Unreal (probably something to do also with how unreal reads the material)

This is what i created with displacements on a material in C4D following a tutorial from youtube :

What i am curious about , is there a way in UE4 to replicate displacement shaders with a material blueprint without actually making any heightmap textures and such ?

Cheers for any help.

I’m not sure what C4D can export to UE4, but with several other programs if you use the most basic material type you can export that with basic color/diffuse maps, etc. and that will import to UE4. As far as displacement goes, you absolutely have to use a displacement map but you can do displacement by enabling tesselation in the material and plugging in your displacement map.
If you’re using something like a Noise map in C4D you will need to bake that to an image file so that you can use it in UE4.

Cheers. Will give it a go and come back with results hopefully.

I’d say a good normalmap should be enough for an object like this, no need for Tesselation.