C++ UPROPERTY/Hot Reload

hey everyone just a quick question not sure if i should be asking this here. I’m new to C++ and i have a issue when i Hot Reload the changes don’t update in the detail’s panel ? but when i close the project and reopen my project the changes are now visible ? would this be due to a bug in the editor ?

I have attached my code below

	float OpenAngle = 90.0f;

Are the changes actually happening during play?
I do find that some things don’t update correctly (while the project is opened) visually, but the changes work on play

*Also a side note, if you want to be able to change openAngle independintly on any of the actors , change it to

UPROPERTY(Category = Gameplay, EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite)
float OpenAngle;

in the header file :)

and then do

    OpenAngle = 90.0f;

in your main function in cpp :slight_smile:

Hi there thank you for your Answer :slight_smile:

no the changes don’t happen in game play they only change when I seem to close the project and reopen it.

same thing applies when I use UPROPERTY (Visiableanywhere) in a private
I have to close project and open it to see the changes lol

This can be a long process keep doing this lol

I’m new to C++ so when I don’t see the changes happen on the Hot Reload I think its me doing something wrong and takes ages to find out I’m doing thing’s right but some sort of bug in the editor I think lol