C++ UKismetSystemLibrary::RetriggerableDelay not seeming to work

I have a method below. I know that the code is getting called. It does not get called a second time so I would expect the OnCoolDownCheckRunningStartTimer function would be called. However the OnCoolDownCheckRunningStartTimer function is never called.

void AAWBaseNPCCharacter::OnCoolDownCheckDelay()
    	UE_LOG(AWGeneralLog, Warning, TEXT("OnCoolDownCheckDelay FIRED!!! ... "));
    	FLatentActionInfo info;
    	info.CallbackTarget = this;
    	info.ExecutionFunction = "OnCoolDownCheckRunningStartTimer";
    	info.UUID = 53344322;  //Made up number
    	UKismetSystemLibrary::RetriggerableDelay(GetWorld(), 15.0f, info);

Header definition.

	void OnCoolDownCheckRunningStartTimer();

sigh. I set the info.Linkage = 0. That was the missing link. Ha. Ha. Ha.