C++ project not working correctly in HTML5

In my project I’ve made a couple Blueprint nodes in C++ to save to/load from a text file. When I package to a Windows EXE the game runs as expected, with the saving/loading working correctly. When I package to HTML5 I don’t get the same results. The game runs and there are no errors as far as I know, but the saving/loading doesn’t work. I’ve created a new project to see if it’s just the project, but I get the same results. It seems writing to and loading from an external file with C++ in HTML5 isn’t working. Is this caused by HTML5 not supporting these C++ features, or am I doing something wrong?


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Thank you!

Below i’m sharing with you the common C++ mistakes a developer do . I hope this can help you in any way.

  1. Developers usually use " new" and “delete” pair incorrectly.
  2. In some cases developers forget the virtual destructor.
  3. Now this is a very common mistake i.e deleting the array with delete or by using a smart pointer
  4. One mistake is returning a local object by references.
    5)Using as a reference to a deleted resource.
    6)Usage of “auto_ptr” incorrectly
  5. When we pass an object with value