C++ & physics question, advice needed!

Hey guys,

So initially in March I made a thread asking for a developer to replicate the movement mechanics / physics in Call Of Duty 4. CoD4 movement comes from the Quake 3 engine but is modified to be a little more realistic (although due to engine bugs in Q3 there are parts of the movement / physics that aren’t).

Example of movement:

I wanted a developer to implement the movement from this engine into UE4 or use the existing physics to replicate the same movement as in Quake 3, and then tweak it to work like CoD4 did. I found absolutely no-one willing or they gave up pretty quickly.

So I figured the only way (because I’ve exhausted most options) is to learn both the inner workings of the physics engine in Quake 3 and UE4, and then learn to either replace it or do what is needed to replicate the movement after understanding both. I’m not going to lie to myself and pretend to be able to create a whole game myself, that’s not what I’m after. I’m only interested in learning C++ to understand the physics engine and make changes to it and focus on only that.

It’s all I want to take the project to Kickstarter or to have other developers do work which is more widely requested and easier to get help for.

I’m starting this course today as an introductory to games development:

Other then that, can anyone point me to courses or material to read that would better equip me to develop the skill set needed to learn to understand the physics engines and edit them.

It’s my only focus and I understand that it could take a long time depending on my ability to learn, but any advice and direction is appreciated!