C++ function wont be called through blueprints

I have made a C++ function fireWeapon which I made as a BlueprintCallable Ufunction I had then inherited this C++ class with a blueprint class which I had seen in a video. The inherited blueprint class now has the FireWeapon function which is meant to be called when pressing the left mouse button. For some reason this function doesn’t appear to be getting fired on press I did add a print string function after which does get called if that helps.

I am currently unsure what the issue is and it would be good if any help or advice could be offered. One thing I have noticed, not sure if it matters but my FireWeapon functions says the target is My Character and for the add movement input functions their target is the pawn.

The C++ main class with the function is AMyCharacter
The inherited blueprint class is MyChar

you have 3 print functions which ones are printing out?