Bypassing the Auto-Detect for the Oculus Rift?

Hi Everyone.

I’m looking for a way to enable Oculus Rift support without relying on the auto detection. My current setup has my computer plugged into an HDMI switch with two HDMI outputs. One of which goes to my television and the other goes to my Oculus Rift.

Because of the switch acting as a splitter UE4 is not detecting that my Rift is plugged in. There is no mirrored second monitor setup as I’m simply just dividing the signal and outputting to two different sources through the HDMI switch. I’m going to dive into the source code tomorrow to look for a solution but I was wondering if anyone had any quick ways to brute force or manually enable the HMD support for the Rift manually without the auto detect being necessary? UDK had the “Stereo on” command which worked great but UE4 doesn’t have the same command out of the box.


“Stereo On” commands works for me. When the Rift is connected on USB, but the display disconnected.

The Rift HMD Support is in a Plugin for the engine. If you have the sources checked out, the Commands are listed in “Engine\Plugins\OculusRift\Source\OculusRift\Private\OculusRiftHMD.cpp”. Look for the function FOculusRiftHMD::Exec which handles the commands for the HMD.