Buying Servers

Note: I thought I posted this question but I can’t find it anywhere. Please excuse if I have double posted.

Hey there,
I plan to release my game on Steam, first quarter of 2019. One issue that is coming up for me right now, is that I have no real experience with online games, I have always done single player.

Can anyone point me to a company or type of company I should be looking for, that can handle
-100 players on a single map
-up to 10,000 players online at any given time
-at least 20 fps.

I am making a battle royale type game, would a P2P connection be better with a single lobby server to connect players?

Thank You,

You’re going to have to get more into development and understand what the needs of your game are going to be, some of those things have nothing to do with a server and a lot of it depends on how you design a game. For example, if you don’t need to send much information over the network then you can have many more players, but then if you have a lot of character customization you can impact performance because each client has to have all of the custom options loaded to see the other players.