Bump: UE4 performance for mobile games

For my game project, a mobile 3D game in third-person perspective, I am torn between UE4 and Unity. I have about equal knowledge of both engines, will only target the major platforms (iOS, Android, maybe Windows Phone), and don’t mind any financial differences between the two. Also, I can develop both in C++/Blueprints or C#. I am more interested in differences regarding performance, stability and workflow. Interestingly, when searching for posts on these topics, I get a lot of older search results from UE4’s infancy (2014, mid-2015), but fewer recent discussions. So I was wondering if that is because UE4 got a lot better and there are less issues, or if many people gave up and don’t use UE4 for mobile dev any more.


  1. Are there many UE4 mobile developers and game projects out there, or is this still a niche in the UE4 world?

  2. What’s your take on the current performance, especially on Android? From the posts I’ve seen it’s difficult to get a clear picture on this. Some seem to be talking about 2D when they compare performance, and some may be comparing different graphics feature sets (“UE4 looks way better, but Unity performs better on low-end hardware”). But are there comparisons after having optimised for the target hardware and with comparable amounts of lights, post process effects etc.?

  3. For whom have the seemingly larger package sizes in UE4 really been a problem?

And of course: I’m not interested in a “X vs Y” flame wars, just some personal experiences that help me make my decision. Thanks!

I think Android will get better. Since previously only support OpenGL ES2, now in advancing to ES3.1 and vulkan. But it seems like in the latest 4.13 I can’t get the ES3.1 working as well and vulkan. Not sure is it because my device is too new (note 7) or what. But ES3.1 should work right? Well. Metal seems to be more stable by now in unreal engine. That makes me dilemma as well which platform to develop to.

i have yet to try this but using this [FREE] Android Manifest Configurator - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums and a multi apk deploy to have one texture type per install in theory should save on file size. this will increase my build script complexity/deploy time tho so I’m dragging my feet on this

i get the odd complaint in reviews about my uncompressed size being too big

as for performance, it runs well on the right devices - its more device support that I want a focus on - i’m not sure anyone could sell a game on android because you either have to have and test for every device you want to sell for, or you sell to all and spend a ton of time doing refunds (which is painful) and excluding devices (which is painful)

it will be a lot better in a few years once the market has evolved

Hey! Are Yours on latest open gl es3.1?

Love UE4. Easy and quick to learn and develop. Beautiful community, tools and constant updates. I don’t know what kind of project you are trying to make but I am working on an endless runner type game for android and I get 60 fps even on a device with only 512 MB ram.

But, the android game development is still lacking some core things. Personally I know Java and Android but not so good with C++. So some functionalities like sending intents via apps. Controlling orientation and accessing native android content providers have to be done with the help of combining C++ and Java. Also the package sizes are quite big.

Offcourse, if you are good with it, then their is no need to worry. Check the game CHASERS made by GAMEDNA on play store. It is made with unreal engine 4. They also have made awesome plugins for facebook integration and ad plugins via blueprints.