built rough draft of game. one player does not die.

I have everything inside my player character class. players joining spawn in as the right thing. one can kill the other but does not die. Im running on a dedicated server in standalone. my gf can join on her pc via lan. one player is always invincible. im replicating health. what went wrong. any ideas. I didn’t use pawns or player controllers as I plan to implement bots. im new to unreal. is it bad that everything is handled inside the play char blueprint.

Yes, it is bad that everything in the character Blueprint.
Game modes should handle things like selecting the start locations and spawning characters.
Pawns can be used by both AI controllers (bots) and player controllers (actual players).

As far your current issue goes, sharing a screenshot or similar that shows the logic of the Blueprint would go a long way to help people help you.

I actually figured it out and met our goal for having clients shooting each other by end of week. But thank you very much for the reply. I greatly appreciate it. I still only have the character class replicates and kept the health as replicates none. I have the game mode handle killing player and respawn to possess. Still learning. We plan on rebuilding most of what we have now