Built lighting wonky with high poly model

I’ve spent the last week looking at different threads trying to work out a solution to this, but I still haven’t been able to figure out a solution to my problem.

I’m trying to import a Sketchup model into UE4, but every time I build the lighting, All of the textures get destroyed. Currently, I export the Sketchup file as a .3DS, move it into 3DS Max to group all of the separate objects, then export it as a .FBX and bring it into UE4.

Links to before and after building lighting:

It may be relevant that I point out that according to UE4, the model is 10 Million vertices.
Other threads have suggested cleaning up the UV lightmap. In UE4 It looks like this:

I found a tutorial that explains cleaning up UV lightmaps in 3DS Max, but attempting to “flatten mapping,” it crashed 3DS Max.

Am I screwed? How do large dev studios deal with lighting crazy high poly meshes?

Have you tried exporting your Sketchup file as something else? I usually export is as a .obj file and then import it into blender to fix UV mapping issues and then export it from blender as a .fbx file.

I don’t use the default “file > export > 3d model > obj” though, because Sketchup make doesn’t support that, so I use a extension called “OBJexporter” instead, maybe that’s worth trying too.

Sketchup can often make meshes that don’t do so well in a game engine, at the very least though your issue is that you need a second UV channel for the lightmaps, it can’t overlap or extend beyond the 0-1 UV space. Also, it looks like you may have many objects attached together as a single object, in which case you would need to separate the objects first by material and then if you still have a large object (with a large surface area) then you’d need to further split up the meshes to additional objects. Otherwise you won’t get enough detail in the lightmap since it can only use a single lightmap for each object. By splitting it up, you would be able to use additional lightmaps.