Building UE4 for cross deployment

I was wondering, when cross building the UE4 source code, what components do I build? I obviously don’t build the whole thing, I don’t think. Like, suppose I develop a game in Linux/Mac and I have a MinGW-w64 cross compiler. What components of the UE4 source would I need to cross compile? Yeah I know there’s a Windows native install, but I find Windows as a development platform really irritating.

You wouldn’t really do anything yourself, the UBT would take care of figuring out what needs to be build, especially if it’s a C++ project.

Problem is that there’s no support for MinGW-w64 environment in Linux Editor, and I am not aware of anyone who is able to cross-compile a Windows build in Linux right now.

We have been talking about it on the IRC in the past weeks but there’s no dedicated effort at the moment to look into it more. There are still some fundamental issues we are trying to resolve with the Editor in Linux before something like this might be undertaken.

Of course if you have the time and skill, and would like to step to the task, we would welcome the effort. :slight_smile: