Building Tiled Level (Huge Map)

Hi Guys,

Hope you can help, I’m looking into building my level in tiles. I have followed this tutorial. " Click Here (World Machine to UE4 World Composition"
I have created the map(No Customisations) in WM and then export it to tiles. Once that was done. I have imported the tiles, and then I was able to load them. So I thought great. Now I have created my map in WM. Export it , well build it to tiles.
When I import it, I cannot load the levels at all. Here is Image of my map nodes.

The map Rez should be 8068x8068
Tile Rez : 2017x2017
Tiles 4x4
Normal Build Rez : 2017x2017
Elevation 5760m

Am hoping anyone could tell me what’s I done wrong?


On that tutorial, you are shown to create Terrain Material_BP.
When I follow that, I get only black output. Would appreciate some help on creating Terrain Material… I don’t fancy hand paint the terrain :smiley:

Any help will appreciated.



  1. you will have to add a layerinfo -> the little “+” beside the layers :slight_smile:

Also take a look at this tutorial:

Thank you, I have it on the list to do today.