Building screws up materials?

Hey folks.

I’ve just recently begun using the Unreal Editor to create maps and such.
I’ve encountered a problem with my materials though, as you can see (down below) the wall material is looking fine until I build, which makes it look oddly warped and stretched. Through trial and error I’ve found out that changing the alignment of the affected faces to surface planar essentially fixes the problem and makes the material look good again. Yet when I build again something seems to override this alignment which makes the wall look broken again.
Does anybody know what causes this and how to avoid this problem?



Normal looking material

Bugged material

That’s a known bug in 4.7 -> they will surely fix it in the next release :slight_smile:

Oh okay, thanks! So for now I just manually adjust the material after each time I build?

I dont know if that’s the best way (somehow I dont get this bug -> cant test it out), but when it works, then you will have to do it that way :slight_smile: