Building & Packaging a BP Game

How to build & create a game install package just using the UE Editor? is it even possible? or am I doing something wrong??

And is there an option to leave out assets/files that are not actually being used in a project?

How to make sure you have all the dependencies (dll’s etc.) needed to run, especially for older OS’s and graphics cards, and how do you target them and still run on newer computers?

Note, that these are all questions targeted at the UE Editor using BluePrints , or does one have to use Visual Studio for packaging, or is it recommended, haven’t even coded anything in it yet. (poor coder)

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look at

you only need to care about dependencies if you use plugins (in most cases just copy some dlls). The Windows target should just work for win7/8+ (not sure about vista). To Support XP you need to include OpenGL.

in General ist not importent if your Project use BP or C++. There are just some cases where you need a self packed engine form the source, like dedicated servers or linux support.

here some Infos about XP Support

thx for reply

that answered some things I was wondering about, but doesn’t visual studio have & will create an installation package, like a single .exe or .msi that will setup & load your game for the user.

and how one sets it up to be sure all dependencies etc are included for a full install package.

and is there a way to package without including all the unused project assets (like starter content etc.)

I asked a similar question around getting a minimal package.

Summary: Seems you have to cull unneeded stuff yourself, and not include starter pack etc

thx for the link & input… sadly that looks like my answer on the assests…

I usually don’t include starter content but was rushing to start the game jam and didn’t think it was an issue for the actual build, I actually used an engine over 10 yrs ago that packaged games without a hitch so thought nothing of it till I noticed the size when I started uploading to google drive. argh… but so far, I do luvs me Unreal Engine 4 so… meh… I’ll have to deal with it some way.

I hate huge files eating away at my HDrive, so about a week or two after starting with UE4 I started using a project set aside just for that. Called it Assets (project file) & I usually just store & retrieve any resources I need from there, so normally this wouldn’t have been a problem as much. But with trying to deal with the Jam deadline I thought nothing of it & now even the zipped file is around 1.6 GB. :eek:

ps: since this looks like it might be an issue for releases the above solution works well to get resources into projects, just migrate whatever you need after browsing thru the level. (I use it mainly for materials/ textures & some char/ mesh stuff)