Building My Content Browser?

Hi, I just downloaded UE4 last night. I’m coming from UDK which had a ton of stuff in the content browser by default. I’m wondering, once I download all of these free projects from the marketplace will I be able to add them to my content browser so I can have assets to work with? Currently it is empty and the only assets I can get are the very limited number of ‘starter content’ assets. I downloaded the SciFi Hallway and when I try to import the assets, they aren’t showing. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Use the migrate button in the content browser.

  1. open one of the demos
  2. click onto some assets
  3. migrate
  4. choose the new project

Keep in mind that you will have to keep the folder structure, because otherwise it wont work very well (e.g you will have to reassign the textures to your materials,…)

Thanks! One more question, will I have to do this every time I start a new project? I’d like it if I could just store them all in my content browser and have them ready any time I started making a new map or game…

I think you can also add them into your engine folder (version-engine-content) and then you will have them in every project, but I’m not 100% sure, because I havent tried it out yet and there is probably a better solution :slight_smile:

Yea I’m sure there’s a way to locate the assets within the many folders that make up the Unreal Engine, and then relocate them so they’ll always populate…I just don’t know which folder. haha

Thanks man, appreciate the help!

Hi Harley Gomez,

I’ve seen where users have asked this before. You would want to migrate the files to the the X(Location of your installed Unreal Engine): / Windows / (Engine Version, in my case 4.2) / Samples / Starter Content / Content /

This way when you build a new project and you select “Include Starter Content” this folder will be copied to the project that is created in your My Documents folder for that project.

Be aware though that as this folder grows from the default content (545mb) you will be copying that to every project you create!

Also, with each new version of the engine that is released you will need to copy this folder along with it. It will not migrate without you manually setting it up. This only happens for the main engine releases (ie. 4.1, 4.2, 4.3) and does not affect the “hot fixes” like 4.2.1 as this is an extension of 4.2.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Thank you!



Thank you for this additional input! I think this will be the way I got about it, it will be annoying to have a huge file size for each document though:/ I think another option is to select “show engine content” within my projects content browser view options, correct? In this case will I need to relocate the files as well?