Building Menu via actor widget component

Hey helpful Ppl,

i really could need you help, because i cant find a tutorial on this.

I am planning on creating a tower Defense Game based on Grids. When u click on a single grid, the actor widget component will no longer be hidden in the Game and provide the player with a selection of Towers he can choose of. The problem is, i have trouble making a working communication between the widget and the selected actor. If u interact with the widget, u trigger the events in the widget itself, but the widget cant send the information to the right actor. Because the map has a lot of grids, the actor reference of the widget has to change in runtime, according to the selected Grid, so i cant reference them before.

An even bigger obstacle is closing/making the widget disappear, since the widget cant be removed from the parent, because its an actor widget component.

I know my description of the problem is hard to understand, my english isnt the best, but i hope i was able to give to glimpse of my issue and you might have a fitting tutorial or an idea.

Thanks for you help!

Yeah, i could simply make a widget for the building menu and add it to the viewport of the player, while making an actor refrence with the return value, but i really want the menu to hover above the selected grid, which is only possible with an actor widget component, if i am not wrong.