Building from source question

Hi everyone, a short question about building from source. So I’ve downloaded the source from github, compiled it in visual studio. However, when I run the editor, I cant find the 4.9 I just built. Only the 4.8 I already have installed. What step have I missed? Did I have to do something in the editor before compiling in vs? Or did I have to compile the project in the editor structur? Or do I just have to copy the files into the editor structure?

Do i need to delete the older installed Unreal editor version?

When you build the engine from source, your also building the editor, so you need to make sure you start the right editor (it should say 4.9 as its starting up). You don’t need to remove any old instances, I usually have about three different versions on my machine at any given time.

So ive created a project, i added a class, i opened VS, added the code. Then what?

Build the project code? If I do that I get a new project directory.

Your new editor is in the folder: rootoftheunrealsourcefolder/Engine/Binaries/Win64 . If you build the editor on GNU/Linux replace Win64 by Linux and on Mac OSX replace Win64 by Mac.

Thanks figured out the problem through trial and error :slight_smile:
Compiling from the editor was the right answer.