Building from source and required files


is it ok to build the latest source 4.11 with the required files from the the 4.0.1 release, because i didn’t find any newer .

thanks and good day .

“required files” are downloading with Setup.bat (or on *nix)

is there any other way to download the up to date files ?

i have a slow internet connection, so i need a way to pause/restart the download

Epic Games doesn’t care about you. You’re like navel lint to Epic Games. Along with millions of people with crappy connections. If you’re in, say, sub-Saharan Africa, central Asia, or Latin America, Epic Games thinks you’re a waste of space.

No offense meant to you issam. I’m in the same boat, and Epic obviously thinks I’m a waste of space, too. Oh well, guess I’ll just pirate the engine.

no offense too bro, but i think you take it too personal :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s just another feature request as hundreds or thousands of others they receive from the community … I think they have just not taken this possibility into account.

anyway i have downloaded the engine from another computer with a better internet connection and start playing with the gift .

take care !