Building Combinations


Complete UE4 beginner here, trying to remake my favourite PS1 game (Team Buddies).

The scenario is there is a 2x2x2 build pad, where you can place blocks, which when kicked open will supply weapons/ allies/ vehicles. The pattern that the blocks are placed on the build pad prior to being kicked open will dictate what is created.

My idea for how this would work is as follows:

  • Create slots in the build pad asset for the blocks to slot into if distance to slot < distance x (variable)
  • If slot 1 and 2/ 2 and 3/ 3 and 4/ 4 and 1 (two slots next to each other) are occupied by blocks, remove the two individual blocks and spawn a double-block (horizontal)
  • If slot 1 and 5/ 2 and 6/ 3 and 7/ 4 and 8 (one above the other) slots are occupied, remove the individual blocks and spawn a double-block (vertical)
  • Same as above but for a few additional combinations
  • Then associate different combined-blocks to different assets (weapons, allies, etc) for each level (level blueprint) for when they are kicked open.

I would like to think my theory of how to accomplish this (above) is feasible, but if not, or there is a simpler or cleaner way, please tell me.

All comments greatly appreciated.


I’m having a hell of a time understanding what you’re going for - I’ve never played Team Buddies.

So you have a 3d grid where you can place blocks? And depending on the combination of blocks placed in this 3d grid, it will remove the individual blocks and replace them with a larger block occupying the same space?