Building City Building Blueprint?

Hi there!

I’m trying to construct a city building through a few variables, such as amount of floors and the buildings X and Y Variable that are editable.
I’m doing this in the construction script, but can’t make it to work. The attach file is a screen shoot of what i want to do.

The ide is to have a few different meshes which will automatically scale depending on the number i edit the variables to. For more advance citybuilding i want to be able to scale different meshes in the components of the blueprint. Catch my drift? I’m not sure i’m explaining this well.

Any ide how to go about this? right now the “Set Actor Scale 3D” will only reference to itself as a whole, i can’t make it reference to a specific mesh that is in the blueprint?

Any tips on how to construct this is more the welcome!

To avoid lots of wonders, remember that an actor and a component are two different things and that a mesh can be one or the other and that using one for the other will never work. In your case, the way i would follow would be to create a blueprint with only a box in and in construction script, do a loop from 0 to desired floor and in this loop “add static mesh” from z size x 0 z location to z size x desired floor z location and add like that all elements( like collision boxes for example) for each floor)

Lol, i think i solved it… Blueprints can be confusing sometimes.

Any ides on props for this citybuilding Blueprint i should develop? Ventilation box on top of the roof along with Satellite dish and a radio-mast is what i’m going to try to implement so far.

Edit: Thanks Fen!

I will keep that in mind!