Building... Buildings...

I am looking to build a few small towns. Similar to the first village in Resident Evil 4 (But better looking). And I was wondering which would be considered better overall, building the houses in blender and export to UE4, or make them in UE4 start to finish?

Also, is there a way to combine items meshes in UE4 and combine into a saved “object” for later pasting and usage?

it would be better to build them in blender, you will have more control to get them exactly how you want and your scene will have better performance then you would get using brushes in UE4.

you could do that with blueprints by adding all the pieces as components.

oh and nice thread title:)

Alrighty, I’ve started in blender! Thank you for the help.

And I was going to try for a different title, but that’s all that came to mind! lol